Bubbles was commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music and Brooklyn Youth Chorus to mark the 80th anniversary of the Black Mountain College in 2014, as a part of Black Mountain Songs.

Both Robert Creeley and John Cage, whose texts I set to music in Bubbles, taught at the Black Mountain College.  I have been inspired by the collaborative spirit, cross genre experiments, playfulness and risk taking, that were typical for the community of artists teaching and creating there.  The piece is my homage to this visionary institution that nurtured creativity, togetherness, and free spirit.

The recording of the piece is available on New Amsterdam Records (Brooklyn Youth Chorus performance) and Orange Mountain Music (San Francisco Girls’ Choir with Kronos Quartet).


Robert Creeley, The Language

Locate I

love you some-

where in

teeth and   

eyes, bite   

it but

take care not   

to hurt, you   

want so

much so   

little. Words   

say everything.


love you


then what   

is emptiness   

for. To

fill, fill.

I heard words   

and words full

of holes   

aching. Speech   

is a mouth.

John Cage/Thoreau:


Sounds are only bubbles on its surface.

They burst to disappear."