A summer afternoon in Kovilj Monastery in Serbia, when several monks gathered to sing for my work in progress, has been among most profound moments in my life as a musician.  We had talked about the topic of my piece -- the loss and tragedy of wars -- and then chanted in a small, sunlit chapel overlooking the Pannonian plain.  In memoriam to the millions who lost their lives in the Great War, father Jerotej, a soloist in this recording, had chosen "V pamyat vechnuyu budet pravednik - Everlasting Remembrance to the Virtuous" a dark, haunting Communal Hymn from the Holy Liturgy on feastdays of Martyrs, Venerable Fathers/Mothers, and Hierarchs.  It is chanted in Byzantine style, a tradition still practiced in Kovilj Monastery, in the Plagal of the Third Tone, or the Baris, also called the Seventh Tone in the Slavic usage.