cosmic love III


COSMIC LOVE III is inspired by the rich sensory experience (sounds, views, tastes, smells) from a month long journey throughout China in the spring of 2016.  The richness of the culture, sounds and shapes of ancient instruments, ritualistic dresses and movement of fantastic musicians whose performances I heard, silence in temples, kids laughing in the monsoon rain, a search for solitude in cities of multimillions, monks' deep eyes, colors of the peonies, arches of graves in the mountains that we drove by...all these impressions are part of COSMIC LOVE III.  I also looked back to my own Serbian culture and old Byzantine singing and merged it with beautiful sounds of Chinese ancient instruments so that something magical and new can be born from these two great musical traditions.  The language of the singing is imaginary, the words do not have a meaning in any existing language.  I hope you hear them as a praise to beauty, truth, and love.  I am grateful for the honor to write music for the Forbidden City Orchestra.