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Canta Claro was composed to a text by Michael John Garcés in January 2004, during the New Dramatists’ Composer and Librettist Studio. 
The piece is in three sections.  In sections I and II, Character A, coming from the place of knowing, informs a neutral Character B of the horrific political violence in certain Colombian cities.  Character B is transformed from an innocent outsider into one of those who know, and in section III, joins Character A in naming the dead.   
Although Canta Claro, which means sing clearly, refers to the name of a town, the piece is about any place where there is suffering because of war and civil disturbance.  
Duration: 6 minutes
Ensemble: two female voices and piano

Character A: nadie muere en la vispera (no one dies in the dusk of one’s death)
Character B: what is caught? what is cold? what is shudder, needle, bone?  what is home?  where pulls taut?  were they sold?  has the last true witness flown? where here? home? where here? home. here.  
told I’m told what is to tell
telling the one in fact forgotten
one true hope half lie of the land 
play of the word 
cast of the eye 
laying about.
what is sought? what brought? what not? what hand enfold? what will bear the crumpled stone? what was home? what? what was? was? home? was what? what? what? what? what?

II Cities
Cantaclaro Urabá Carepa Mapiripán Magdalena Medio Bellavista La Chinita Barrancabermeja Puya El Tomate Villavicencio Chengue Uraba Apartadó

III Names
Mariela Morales.  Elsa Alvarado.  Mario Calderón.  Gonzalo Zárate.

MICHAEL JOHN GARCÉS – playwright and director, has worked at INTAR, Repertorio Espanol, The O'Neill Playwrights Conference, The Directors Company, The Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami and Teatro Lo'il Maxil in Chiapas, Mexico. His play Now and then was recently published in the anthology Positive/Negative (Aunt Lute Books).