Chamber Music

Armer Fanfare, for trumpet, trombone, chimes, piano four hands and double bass, 4 minutes, written for Elinor Armer’s 75th birthday celebration at the San Francisco Conservatory.  To be premiered by SFCM Contemporary Music Ensemble in the Fall of 2014.

Beyond Zero, (1914 - 1918), 40 minutes, commissioned by UC Berkeley for the World War One centennial.  To be premiered by Kronos Quartet with a film by Bill Morrison, on April 6, 2014 at Cal Performances, Berkeley, CA.

Prayers For Isa, seven miniatures for clarinet and prepared piano, 18 minutes, premiered by David Krakauer and Kathy Tagg at The Stone, NYC, on September 27, 2013.

Byzantine, for a low melodic instrument and drone accompaniment, 5 minutes, transcription of an excerpt from "V pamyat vechnuyu budet pravednik - Everlasting Remembrance to the Virtuous" in Byzantine tradition, as sung by Kovilj Monastery monks.  Premiered on November 2, 2013 in Syracuse, NY, by Kronos Quartet.

Bubbles, for chorus and chamber ensemble, 9 minutes, commissioned by Brooklyn Youth Chorus, to be premiered on April 13, 2013 at Music Now Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio

Logbook, for double quartet with prerecorded sounds, 25 minutes, commissioned by Dusan Tynek Dance Theater, to be premiered in Spring 2013.

Prelude and Liebestod from Wagner’s Tristan, arranged for triple quartet with prerecorded sounds, 18 minutes, commissioned for the Kronos Quartet by the David Harrington Research and Development Fund, premiered by Kronos Quartet, October 2012.

Spell No.6, for soprano, flute, violin, cello and piano, 5 minutes, commissioned by What a Neighborhood! for May 12, 2012 contemporary music workshop for neighborhood amateur musicians.

Souls, Boats Traveling, for flute, viola, harp and prerecorded sounds, 12 minutes.  Commissioned by the Louth Contemporary Music Society, Ireland.

Spell No. 5, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and prerecorded sounds, 8 minutes, to be premiered by Lunatics at Large on February 3rd in WMP Concert Hall, NYC. 

Babylon, Our Own, for clarinet quintet, premiered by Kronos Quartet and David Krakauer during the 10th Anniversary season of the Clarice Smith Center for The Performing Arts, Maryland, September 16, 2011.

Der Sonnenuhr for string quartet and soprano, excerpt from Mileva, an opera in progress, 10 minutes, to be premiered by Kronos Quartet and Judith Berkson, October 9, 2010, Le Poisson Rouge, New York City.

Eastern Chapel Meditations for violin, piano and prerecorded sounds, 9 minutes, commissioned by Orfeo Duo for What a Neighborhood!.  To be premiered by Vita and Ishmael Wallace in NYC, February 28, 2010.

The Spell IV for string quartet, tibetan bowl, chimes and prerecorded sounds,

8 minutes.  Written for David Harrington and Kronos Quartet.  Premiere: October 8, 2010, Le Poisson Rouge, New York City.

The Spell for piano and vibraphone, 13 minutes.  Commissioned by University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory of Music for Diane and Nick Petrella.

The Spell III for violin and live electronics, 7 minutes, written for Ana Milosavljevic.  Premiered at the Times Center, NYC, October 24, 2008.

The Spell II for two pianos, 12 minutes, commissioned by Sofia Music Weeks, Bulgaria, for Pavlina Dokovska and Vladimir Valjarevic.  Premiered June 27, 2008 in Bulgaria Hall, Sofia.

The Spell II.mp3

…hold me, neighbor, in this storm… for string quartet, gusle, tapan, and tape, 24 minutes, commissioned by Carnegie Hall Corporation for Kronos Quartet.  Premiered February 2008 in Carnegie’s Zankel Hall, NYC.

Transparent Walls, for 10 winds, percussion, celesta and cello, 15 minutes, commissioned by San Francisco Conservatory for Contemporary Music Ensemble, Nicole Paiement, cond., premiere date: November 15, 2008

Transparent Walls.mp3

Two Bagatelles for piano, 5 minutes, commissioned and premiered by Mannes CM Beethoven Festival, NYC, March 21, 2007

Passion Revisited for piano trio, 10 minutes, commissioned and premiered by the Mannes CM Bach

Festival, NYC, March 21, 2006

Passion Revisited.mp3, played by Stella Trio, NYC

Lila, for solo violin, commissioned and premiered by Ana Milosavljavic at Carnegie’s Weill Hall, NYC, January 2005

Along With Youth for soprano and two violins, 5 minutes

Krete Suite for string quintet, 10 minutes, premiered by University of Michigan Graduate String Quintet in Ann Arbor in November 2002.  Commissioned by Dr. John Psarouthakis for a welcome event for the President of the University of Michigan Mary Sue Coleman

Orders for two flutes, guitar, piano, violin and cello, 7 minutes, premiered by New Music Ensemble, San Francisco Conservatory, March 2001

Op. 29 for string quartet and soprano, 8 minutes, premiered by UM Graduate String Quartet and Katherine Weissenberg, Ann Arbor, December 2001

C6 for guitar solo, 6 minutes, commissioned by Merkin Hall, premiered by Jorge Caballero, Merkin Hall, NY, February 2000

C6.mp3 played by Jorge Caballero

Pannonia Boundless for string quartet, 7 minutes, commissioned by Kronos Quartet, premiered in 1998, first recorded for Nonesuch, CD Caravan, in 1999, published by Boosey & Hawkes in 2007. 

Pannonia Boundless.mp3 played by TAJJ Quartet.

String Quartet #2, 14 minutes, premiered by Kronos Quartet at the Vienna Staatsoper, July 1997.  Released on Pannonia Boundless by TAJJ Quartet in 2009.

String Quartet #2.mp3 played by TAJJ Quartet

Vladimir Trio for flute, violin and viola, 9 minutes, commissioned and premiered by Trio Ad Libitum in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in April 1997, revised 2004.

Vladimir Trio.mp3 played by Ad Libitum Trio

Duo Uran for clarinet in B flat and viola, 7 minutes, premiered by NYU Summer Courses in Composition Fellows in June 1996.

Duo Uran.mp3 played by Dusica Polovina and Nikola Srdic

Elegy for N.N. for soprano and chamber ensemble, 12 minutes, premiered at the San Francisco Conservatory in May 1996.

Air and Fugue for percussion, harp, and harpsichord, 8 minutes, premiered at the San Francisco Conservatory in May 1996.

String Quartet #1, 13 minutes, premiered by Sausalito String Quartet in San Francisco in December 1995.

String Quartet #1.mp3 played by TAJJ Quartet

Larry Is Not With Us Any More for brass quintet, 7 minutes, premiered by Brass People in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in May 1995.

Larry Is Not With Us Anymore.mp3 played by Brass People, Novi Sad

Fairy’s Song for string ensemble, 10 minutes

Tale for cello and piano, 8 minutes, premiered by Magdolna Sebenyi and Aleksandra Vrebalov at the Tchaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow in 1991.

Neizvest for oboe and piano, 15 minutes, premiered by Borislav Cicovacki and Milena Brkic in Novi Sad in 1990.

Preludium for violin and piano, 9 minutes, premiered by Michal Budinski and Aleksandra Vrebalov in Novi Sad in 1987.

The Widow’s BroomThe_Widows_Broom.html