Mileva is an opera about Mileva Maric Einstein, the first wife of Albert Einstein.

The work is commissioned for the 150th Anniversary of Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste (Serbian National Theater) in Novi Sad, Serbia, Maric’s and Vrebalov’s hometown.  The opera is in two-acts (10 scenes), for full orchestra, chorus, 10 soloists, and tape - with documentary audio material such as Albert Einstein’s voice and tamburica band.

The complex character of Mileva Maric is portrayed by two singers – a lyric soprano for young, idealistic Mileva, and a dramatic soprano for Mileva in later years of her marriage with Einstein, as a way to juxtapose different and often conflicting psychological tendencies of the main character.

The libretto is written by a Serbian playwright, Vida Ognjenovic, and is based on Ognjenovic’s play Mileva Einstein.  The libretto includes fragments from Shakespeare, and Urworte, a poem by Goethe.  The poem is like a thread of memento mori throughout the opera, always sung by Mileva. The languages in the opera are Serbian, English (the excerpt from Shakespeare and the explanation of the E=mc2 formula in Einstein’s original voice) and German (excerpts from Goethe’s Urworte, and Einstein’s letters).

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Serbian National Theater page for Mileva


Mileva, Serbian National Theater, 2011

Director and Set Designer: Ozren Prohic

Photo: Bemus


*February 6, 2014 - Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad

*November 22, 2013 - 21c Liederabend Op. 3, BAM/Next Wave, NYC

excerpt from Act II, Lullaby

*December 12, 2012 -  Croatian National Theater in Zagreb

*October 12, 2012 - Armel Opera Festival in Szeged, Hungary

*January 24, 2012 - Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad

*January 23, 2012 - Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad

*November 3, 2011 - Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad

*October 25, 2011 - BEMUS Festival Belgrade

*October 21, 2011 - Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad


November 3, 2012, Composers’ Association of Serbia 2012 Mokranjac Prize

for the best work premiered in Serbia in the previous year

October 15, 2012, Victoria Markaryan wins the Armel Opera Competition with her performance as Mileva Junior

March 28, 2012, Novi Sad, Serbian National Theater Annual Awards:

*Gold Medal Jovan Djordjevic for contribution to opera to Aleksandra Vrebalov

*Conducting award to Aleksandar Kojic for musical direction of Mileva

*Awards for best roles to:

Violeta Sreckovic, mezzosoprano for Mileva Senior

Darija Olajos, soprano for Mileva Junior

Jelena Koncar, mezzosoprano for Zorka

March 10, 2012, Muzika Klasika Magazine Composer of the Year 2011

Aleksandra Vrebalov for Mileva