spell no. 4, for a changing world

I wrote spell no. 4, for a changing world as a birthday present to my friend David Harrington.  David and Kronos Quartet have been my family, my mentors and my inspiration since I moved to the United States 17 years ago.  

This family extends beyond geography, language, ideology - it is a family of music makers who know life through sound.  In this family the sound of bombs is never victorious, and lullaby in any language only means love.  In this family when one fifth of the humanity is hungry, in Pythagorean terms we know we cannot resonate well as a whole.  

spell no. 4 is written for amplified string quartet, Tibetan bowl, chimes, and prerecorded sounds of shells, broken glass, and a choral piece, Slepacka molitva (The Prayer of The Blind), which I wrote and sang in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1989.
The piece belongs to the cycle of spells, all written from February 2008 to February 2012.